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Author: Nishanth Kadur* Jurisdictions: Singapore United Kingdom International Topics: Applicable Law Arbitrability Anti-Suit Injunctions Introduction Subject-matter non-arbitrability has routinely hindered the enforcement of arbitration agreements in various jurisdictions. While cases relating to criminal law, matrimonial relationships, and consumer disputes are almost universally recognized as non-arbitrable, there is variance in the […]

Determining Arbitrability at the Pre-Award Stage: An Analysis of the ...

Authors: Mohd Suboor* and Isra Mukhtar** Jurisdictions: International Hong Kong Singapore United Kingdom Topics: Separability Applicable Law Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements Introduction Interpreting an arbitration agreement, defining its existence, and asserting its validity all depend upon the law governed by it. Once the arbitration agreement is executed between two parties, […]

Reinforcing the Position on Governing Law of Arbitration Agreement: An ...

Author: Prerona Banerjee* Jurisdictions: International Russia Topics: Arbitral Adjudication Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Arbitral Decisions Arbitral Process Dispute Resolution and Litigation Introduction Sanctions are penalties imposed on governments or private persons to chastise a certain act or policy perpetuated or condoned by them. Such sanctions take the form of asset […]

Arbitration or Sanctions: Who Survives the Battlefield?

Author: Layan Al Fatayri* Jurisdictions: International Topics: ADR Arbitral Process Commercial Disputes Dispute Resolution and Litigation Agreement to Arbitrate I. Introduction Merger & Acquisition (M&A) are considered challenging commercial transactions, particularly when they occur across borders and include several corporate entities and lengthy detailed agreements. From a corporate perspective, M&A […]

Arbitration In Cross-Border Merger & Acquisition Transactions: An Advantage?