Author: Rana Sajjad Ahmad* Jurisdictions: International Topics: Arbitration Conferences “Let me tell you a story.” All of the around 20 members seated in the audience in a bright sun-lit room in downtown Chicago almost leaned in, eyes locked on the speaker, eagerly anticipating what was coming next. Then, the speaker, […]

Arbitration Story Time

Authors: Michael Alexander Fernández, Gustavo Favero Vaughn & Fernando Figueiredo Ponzini* Jurisdiction: Brazil Topics: Provisional Measures “[I]f arbitration is to work, national courts must stand at the ready.”[1] National courts—particularly those located at the seat of an arbitration—play an important role in safeguarding arbitration’s legitimacy and efficacy.[2] During the course […]

Provisional Measures in Aid of Arbitration in Brazil

Author: Sampurna Mukherjee* Jurisdiction: India International   Topics: Arbitration Clauses Arbitrators and Arbitral Tribunals Jurisdiction of Tribunals     I. INTRODUCTION There can be no doubt that today, the preference, adoption and practice of arbitration as an alternative to traditional litigation, has positively flourished in different jurisdictions across the world through […]

Whether Contractual Preconditions to Arbitration should be regarded as ‘Impediments’ ...