Columbia Arbitration Day

Author: Wilson Wang* Jurisdiction: International Topics: Arbitral Process Confidentiality Hearing Online Arbitration Practice and Procedure On the afternoon of March 12, 2021, Columbia Arbitration Day hosted a panel debate on “Confidentiality, Transparency, and In-Person Hearings – Does a right to an in-person hearing exist in international arbitration?” The debate featured Rahim […]

Columbia Arbitration Day 2021 — Confidentiality, Transparency, and In-Person Hearings: ...

Author: Natália Rincon* Jurisdiction: International Topics: Authority of the Arbitral Tribunal Powers of Arbitrators Columbia Arbitration Day 2021 featured a panel discussion on “Allegations of Corruption in International Arbitration – Key Issues”. The session was moderated by Dr. Kabir Duggal and broken into four presentations by Sophie Nappert,[1] Ari MacKinnon,[2] […]

Columbia Arbitration Day 2021 – Allegations of Corruption in International ...

Introduction Panel 1 – Human Rights and Environmental Disputes in International Arbitration Panel 2 – Reforming Investment Arbitration: Working Group III and ECT Panel 3A – From Promise to Practice: How to Raise the Bar for Diversity in International Arbitration? Panel 3B – Technology in Arbitration and the Advent of […]

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