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Author: Ahan Gadkari* Jurisdiction: India   Topics: Appointment of Arbitrators Arbitrators and Arbitral Tribunals Domestic Proceedings in Arbitration     Abstract Party autonomy has significant importance in any arbitration proceeding. One of the most important aspects of party autonomy is that the parties can select their own procedure for arbitration. Indian […]

Single-Party Arbitrator Nomination as a Ground of Annulment in India

Authors: Sakshi Srivastava* Jurisdictions: India Topics: Third-Party Funding Domestic Arbitration Law   Third Party Funding In India Third Party funding (hereinafter referred to as TPF) is essentially a new package for an old gift, i.e., Maintenance and Champerty. Champerty has been a conventional practice followed in Indian litigation wherein a […]

Third Party Funding In Arbitration In India