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Authors: Michael Alexander Fernández, Gustavo Favero Vaughn & Fernando Figueiredo Ponzini* Jurisdiction: Brazil Topics: Provisional Measures “[I]f arbitration is to work, national courts must stand at the ready.”[1] National courts—particularly those located at the seat of an arbitration—play an important role in safeguarding arbitration’s legitimacy and efficacy.[2] During the course […]

Provisional Measures in Aid of Arbitration in Brazil

Author: Parv Lodha* Jurisdiction: International Topics: Specific Performance Specific relief as a remedy in international disputes is not a practice often written about or deliberated upon – an observation several experts have made. Ewan McKendrick and Iain Maxwell, in their article “Specific Performance in International Arbitration,” complain about how the […]

Specific Relief in International Arbitration