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Author: Zhen Qin Jurisdiction: International Topics: Technology Confidentiality As a general matter, the use of technology in the legal industry is no longer out of the ordinary,[1] yet, recently, an emerging generation of technological tools are playing increasingly important roles in the legal profession.[2] In particular, the unique features of […]

The Use of New Technologies in International Arbitration

Author: Aaron J. Crowell Jurisdiction: United States Topics: Arbitrability Court Decisions Jurisdiction and Powers of the Courts in Matters of Arbitration Generally This January the Supreme Court decided Henry Schein v. Archer & White Sales, Inc.[1]Taking up an issue that’s over thirty years in the pen, Schein broadly addressed when […]

What did the 2018-2019 Supreme Court Term mean for the ...

Author: Kathleen Stanaro Jurisdiction: International Topics: Other Although tribunals have traditionally shied away from determining human rights issues,[1] there are many ways in which human rights concerns affect and may be affected by international arbitration. Where the terms of a contract dictate a broader jurisdiction, for example, “jurisdiction over all […]

The Evolving Role of Human Rights in International Arbitration