Volume 30: Issue 4 (October 2020)

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This inaugural Diversity Issue represents ARIA’s ongoing commitment to highlighting minority voices in arbitration. This first issue, largely comprised of articles by women, features their insights and points of view. The Arbitrator’s Pledge/Questionnaire, included in this issue, is also a small but deliberate step toward empowering parties by giving them easy access to important information. Although more attention is being paid to diversity and inclusion in arbitration, women and women of color only make up a quarter or less of arbitration panels. Fortunately, Columbia Law School has a strong female presence in its arbitration community. For years ARIA has welcomed the participation of a culturally diverse editorial board and encouraged the leadership of female student editors in chief. Without question, there are many more inequalities beyond gender to be tackled in arbitration, such as race, education, and culture, to name a few. For this reason, ARIA sees itself as also on an open road toward the greater embrace of diverse perspectives in arbitration, as it seeks to reflect the community it serves, welcome and provide food for thought, and remain true to its long-held standard of academic and professional excellence.

Diversity Pledge
Mauro Rubino-Sammartano


The Life Cycle of a Large Infrastructure Dispute in the Oil and Gas Industry
Lucy Greenwood

Respondents’ Non-Participation in International Arbitration: A Practical Analysis for Claimants and Tribunals
Claudia T. Salomon and Florian Loibl

Split Arbitration Clauses: An International Overview
Venna Cheng, Rosalyn Han, Rachael O’Grady, Sarah Reynolds and Patricia Ugalde Revilla