Volume 21: Issue 1–4 (April 2011)

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The volume comprises a series of papers that were presented at the Symposium, Arbitration and National Courts: Conflict and Cooperation, held in Houston on May 13-14, 2010. The Symposium was co-hosted by the University of Texas School of Law Center for Global Energy, International Arbitration, and Environmental Law; the Permanent Court of Arbitration; and the Houston International Arbitration Club. This collection constitutes Volume XXI of The American Review of International Arbitration in its entirety.

Jennifer Smith


The Changing Relation of National Courts and International Commercial Arbitration
W. Michael Reisman and Heide Iravani

Understanding (and Misunderstanding) “Primary Jurisdiction”
Alan Scott Rau

Injunctions in Favor Of and Against Arbitration
Dominique T. Hascher

The Second Look Doctrine: The European Perspective
Pierre Mayer

Sovereign Immunity as a Barrier to the Enforcement of Investor-State Arbitral Awards: The Re-Politicization of International Investment Disputes
Andrea K. Bjorklund

The Arbitrator’s Mission and the Application of Law in International Commercial Arbitration
W. Laurence Craig

Arbitration and the Role of Law
Sir Anthony Evans

Keynote Luncheon Presentations

Arbitrators and the Courts
Lord Leonard H. Hoffmann

Representation of State Parties in Investment Arbitration
Mariano Gomezperalta Casali

General Counsel’s Forum