Teaching Arbitration Law – Vol. 14 No. 3

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Author: Stephen J. Ware*

Published: April 2004

United States
Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Description: Nearly all law schools in the United States offer some coverage of arbitration law. Many law schools teach arbitration as part of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) course. In addition or instead, most law schools have stand-alone arbitration courses. These courses may cover arbitration generally or focus on particular types of arbitration, such as labor arbitration or international arbitration. Some of these arbitration courses are taught as seminars; others are taught in the traditional law school format. Arbitration may also appear, albeit briefly, in first-year courses, such as Civil Procedure and Contracts. I have taught arbitration law in all of these contexts and at six different law schools, so I write this article to share some thoughts about teaching arbitration law to law students.

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*Professor of Law, University of Kansas. This short article builds on a presentation at the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools. The topic of this panel was Arbitration Pedagogy. Thanks to my co-panelists, Sarah Rudolph Cole and Homer LaRue, and to Jack McCrory and Heather Glenn.