The New Amcham Chile Arbitration Center: A Model for Latin American Arbitration* – Vol. 8 No. 2

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AuthorSteven C. Bennett**

Published: July 1997

National Institutions and Rules

Description: The American Chamber of Commerce (“AmCham”), located in Santiago, Chile, in association with the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) in the United States, has launched a new arbitration center. The arbitration center aims to provide parties to agreements with Chilean companies an alternative to arbitration in such distant and expensive arbitration capitals as London, Paris and New York. By using commercial arbitration rules modeled on the AAA rules, developing a roster of arbitrators trained in AAA methods, and fostering arbitration proceedings jointly administered by AmCham Chile and the AAA, the founders of the AmCham Chile arbitration center seek to assure potential users that they can achieve the same quick, fair and economical dispute resolution in Chile as they have come to expect from the AAA.

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*Current Developments
**Steven C. Bennett is a partner at Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue in New York City. Mr. Bennett teaches a course in Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration at Brooklyn Law School. B.A. 1979 Macalester College; J.D., 1984, New York University School of Law. The views expressed are solely those of the author.