The Status Of Lex Mercatoria In International Commercial Arbitration* – Vol. 7 No. 2

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Author: Ning Jin**

Published: August 1996

Categories of Disputes
Commercial Disputes
Applicable Law
Lex Mercatoria

Description:¬†International commercial arbitration is the preferred method for settling disputes arising out of international commercial arrangements. With the expansion of international commerce and the accelerating trend towards globalization of national economies, it is playing an increasingly important role in maintaining international economic relationships. The determination of applicable law is a key step in international arbitration, and the question of which law is applicable to the substance of a dispute in international commercial arbitration has been the focus of lawyers’ continuing attention.

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*Notes & Comments
**Lecturer in Law, Anhui University Law Department; LL.M. Anhui University, 1988; LL.M. University of Iowa, 1994; S.J.D. candidate, University of Toronto. The author wishes to thank Professors John Reitz and Steven Burton for their helpful comments and guidance on the earlier drafts of the paper.