Impartiality and Independence of Arbitrators in International Practice – Vol. 6 No. 4

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Author: Aldo Berlinguer*

Published: December 1995

Independence and Impartiality
Commercial Disputes

Description: Interest in arbitration as an alternative method for dispute resolution has dramatically expanded in recent years. The international business community has increasingly turned to arbitration for a growing number of commercial disputes arising out of international transactions. The scope and application of this institution have also considerably expanded into new areas of the law. Arbitration has been widely accepted and heralded by many national legal systems not only because it has relieved overcrowded court dockets but also because it provides a qualitatively better form of dispute resolution, particularly for certain commercial disputes where it is better tailored to the needs of individual disputants.

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*Associate, Studio Legale Vincenzo Vigoriti; L.L.M. Georgetown University; Dottorando Di Ricerca, University of Florence.