Awards and their Enforcement – Vol. 5 No. 1-4

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AuthorO. L. O. de Witt Wijnen*

Published: December 1994

Intellectual Property
Relief and Remedies in General
Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
Interim Measures of Protection
New York Convention


The topics that I have been asked to address are:
— the New York Convention;
— remedies in intellectual property cases;
— interim measures;
— reasons and form of the award.

I think that it might be practical if I deal with those topics in a slightly different order:
— some general observations about the New York Convention i.e., about the Convention itself and on those aspects of the Convention which are relevant to the other topics;
— reasons and forms of arbitral awards, including types of awards;
— remedies in intellectual property cases.

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*Partner, Nauta Dutilh, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.