Book Review: Charles T. Kotuby, Jr. & Luke A. Sobota, General Principles of Law and International Due Process: Principles and Norms Applicable in Transnational Disputes – Vol. 28 No. 4

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Authors: S. I. Strong, Luke Sobota, Charles T. Kotuby, Jr.

Published: November 2017

Commercial Disputes
International and Transnational Law

Description: “General principles of law” have long been central to the law and practice of both international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration. While substantive principles have perhaps received the lion’s share of attention in both civil and criminal contexts, general principles of procedural law (often referred to as “international due process”) are also critically important. Together, general principles of substantive and procedural law help illuminate the content of international law, supplementing the norms reflected in international treaties and customary international law.

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