Volume 20: Issue 2 (July 2010)

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Research In International Commercial Arbitration: Special Skills, Special Sources
S.I. Strong

The Rules Governing Who Decides Jurisdictional Issues: First Options v. Kaplan Revisited
Steven H. Reisberg

An Introduction to the Energy Charter Treaty
Matthew T. Parish and Charles B. Rosenberg

Substantive Ordre Public in Russian Case Law on the Recognition, Enforcement and Setting Aside of International Arbitral Awards
Dmitry Davydenko and Eugenia Kurzynsky-Singer

International Commercial Arbitration: Two Cultures in a State Of Courtship and Potential Marriage of Convenience
Ignacio Gómez-Palacio

Book Reviews

Zachary Douglas, The International Law Of Investment Claims
Alham Usman

Stephan W. Schill, The Multilateralization Of International Investment Law
Joshua D. Leaver