Volume 18: Issue 1–2 (April 2008)

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This issue comprises papers that were presented at a Colloquium on Mandatory Rules of Law in International Arbitration held at Columbia Law School in June 2007. The Colloquium was organized by Professor George A. Bermann of Columbia Law School and Professor Loukas Mistelis of the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary University of London.


Introduction: Mandatory Rules Of Law In International Arbitration
George A. Bermann

Mandatory Rules In International Litigation

Mandatory Rules In Civil Litigation: Status Of The Doctrine Post-Globalization
Hannah L. Buxbaum

How Do Mandatory Rules Of Law Function In International Civil Litigation?
Bernard Audit

Mandatory Rules In International Commercial Arbitration

The Arbitrator And “Mandatory Rules Of Law”
Alan Scott Rau

Applying Mandatory Rules Of Law In International Commercial Arbitration
Laurence Shore

Does International Arbitration Need A Mandatory Rules Method?
Alexander K.A. Greenawalt

Mandatory Rules In International Commercial Arbitration: An English Law Perspective
Audley Sheppard

Mandatory Rules Of Law In International Arbitration: What Are Mandatory Rules?
Catherine Kessedjian

Mandatory Law In Arbitration
Hans Smit

Mandatory Rules And Investment Arbitration

Mandatory Rules Of Law And Investment Arbitration
Andrea K. Bjorklund

The Relevance (Or Lack Thereof) Of The Notion Of Mandatory Rules Of Law To Investment Treaty Arbitration
Donald Francis Donovan

Mandatory Rules In International Arbitration: Too Much Too Early Or Too Little Too Late?
Loukas Mistelis

Concluding Remarks