International Arbitration: A Historical Perspective And Practice Guide Connecting Four Emerging World Cultures: China, Mexico, Nigeria, And Saudi Arabia – Vol. 17 No 2

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Author: S. Breckenridge Thomas*

Published: December 2007

Saudi Arabia
Categories of Disputes
Commercial Disputes

Description: Rampant changes in communications and technology have ushered the world into an era of globalization that has huge implications and opportunities for international dispute resolution. In the past, globalization was controlled mainly by European and Western economic and business powers. The world of international arbitration was likewise influenced. However, this new era of globalization has “flattened” the competitive field and culturally diversified participants in global markets. This cultural diversification will result in the commercial and financial markets being influenced and driven by non-European and non-Western countries, companies, and individuals. In like manner, this cultural diversification will impact international arbitration and, as a result, require…

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*The author teaches arbitration law and commercial law at St. Mary’s University School of Law. B.A., cum laude, St. Mary’s University 1982; J.D., St. Mary’s University School of Law, 1985. Director, Office of Academic Excellence, St. Mary’s University School of Law; of Counsel, Constangy, Brooks & Smith.