Volume 15: Issue 3–4 (June 2006)

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Hans Smit


Lack of Jurisdiction and Forum Non Conveniens as Defenses to the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
Int’l Commercial Disputes Comm. of the Ass’n of the Bar of the City of N.Y.

The Enforcement of ICSID Awards: Revolutionary or Ineffective?
Giuliana Canè

The Weaknesses of the “Rosatti Doctrine”: Ten Reasons Why ICSID’s Standing Provisions Do Not Discriminate Against Local Investors
Anibal Sabater

A Comparative Analysis of Arbitral Institutions and Their Achievements in the United States and Korea
Chul-Gyoo Park

Reducing Costs and Inconveniences in International Commercial Arbitration and Other Forms of Alternative Resolution Through Online Dispute Resolution
Robert Bennett Lubic

International Arbitration – Corporate Attitudes and Practices -12 Perceptions Tested: Myths, Data and Analysis – Research Report
Dr. Loukas Mistelis

Current Developments

JAMS: A Longstanding Provider of Dispute Resolution Services to the International Business Community
Robert B. Davidson and Richard Chernick

Notes & Comments

A Comment on the IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest: The Fragile Balance Between Principles and Illustrations, and the Mystery of the “Subjective Test”
Laurence Shore and Emmanuelle Cabrol

Confidentiality Revisited: Blessing or Curse in International Commercial Arbitration?
Gu Weixia

Book Reviews

Aldo Frignani, L’Arbitrato Commerciale Internazionale
Marco Torsello