An Assessment of Pechota’s International Bibliography on Commercial Arbitration – Vol. 15 No. 1

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Author: Thomas E. Carbonneau*

Published: May 2005

Commercial Disputes

Description: The Smit’s Guides to Commercial Arbitration: An International Bibliography1 represents Vratislav Pechota and his contribution to international legal studies and law at their best. Certainly by contemporary standards, and perhaps even by reference to a more exacting measure, the International Bibliography is, by its comprehensive scope, thorough classification, and constant updates, a research tool of enormous value. It demonstrates Vratislav Pechota’s vigor and capacity—his mastery of a research area—and the discipline with which he approaches his professional mission. Serious professional writing or research in the area of arbitration cannot be undertaken without reference to it. The International Bibliography is a hub, a meeting place for the classical, most recent, and fledgling thinking on arbitration. It can inspire elaborate footnotes, demand a refashioning of an initial research design, or require more reading and reflection before putting pen to paper.

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*Orlando Distinguished Professor of Law, Penn State University.