Volume 13: Issue 1-4 (December 2003)

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This volume comprises the series of papers on International Arbitration that were presented at a Research Conference on International and Domestic Arbitration, sponsored by the Institute of Judicial Administration. The Conference was held at the New York University School of Law. This collection constitutes Volume XIII of The American Review of International Arbitration in its entirety.

Oscar Chase and Samuel Estreicher


International Arbitration: Scapegoat or Solution
Andreas F. Lowenfeld

International Arbitration: Comments From a Critic
Linda Silberman

Separability and Competence – Competence In International Arbitration: Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit? Or Can Something Indeed Come From Nothing?
Robert H. Smit

In The Shadow of the Unruly Horse: International Arbitration and The Public Policy Exception
Homayoon Arfazadeh

Comments on Public Policy in International Arbitration
Hans Smit

Mass Claims Processes
Howard M. Holtzmann

Amending The Federal Arbitration Act
William W. Park

Comment on a Proposed New Statute for International Arbitration
Richard W. Hulbert

Remarks on Amending the FAA
Kenneth Davis

The Rule of Lawyers and The Ethos Of Diplomats: Reflections on the Internal and External Legitimacy of WTO Dispute Settlement
J.H.H. Weiler

The WTO’s Legitimacy Crisis: Reflections on the Law and Politics of WTO Dispute Resolution
Jeffrey L. Dunoff