The European Court of Arbitration and its 1997 Rules* – Vol. 11 No. 1-2

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AuthorMauro Rubino-Sammartano**

Published: February 2000

International Institutions and Rules

Description: The European Arbitration Centre (the “Centre”) is a private body formed over 40 years ago in Strasbourg under the patronage, inter alia, of the Council of Europe, the General Council of Low-Rhine, the City of Strasbourg, the Robert Schuman University-Strasbourg, the Law and Political Sciences School-Strasbourg, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alsace, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Strasbourg and Low-Rhine, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Colmar, the Chamber of Crafts of Alsace, and the Stock Exchange, Strasbourg. The Centre is a legal entity under the laws of Alsace Moselle. The European Court of Arbitration (Cour Européenne d’Arbitrage; Europäischer Schiedsgerichtshof; Corte Arbitrale Europea; Corte Europea de Arbitraje) is the organ of the Centre entrusted with the administration of arbitral proceedings. The Court’s seat is in Strasbourg, care of the Strasbourg Bar Association. Until a few years ago, the Court dealt with disputes “across the Rhine” between French and German litigants. Now it has branches in Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Belgium and England. The Court is run by an Executive Committee and the Centre by a Council. In 1997, the Court fully revised its Arbitration Rules.

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*Current Developments
**President of the European Court of Arbitration, Chartered Arbitrator (UK). The opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Court.