ARIA Awards Winners

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ARIA Award for Excellence:
Wilson Wang
Claire Hellweg
ARIA Award for Dedication:
Michael Bannon
Nika Bederman
Award for Exceptional Performance and Contribution to ARIA:
Claire Sheridan
Dominique Jones

We would also like to thank all the members of ARIA 2020-2021 for their hard work and dedication to Volume XXXI during an exceptionally difficult year!

Professor George A. Bermann
Professor Robert H. Smit

Managing Editor:
Professor Dr. Kabir Duggal

Student Editors-in-Chief:
Claire Sheridan
Dominique Jones

Head Articles Editor:
Marc Leong

Production Officer:
Michael Bannon

Incoming Student Editor-in-Chief:
Claire Hellweg

Incoming Head Articles Editor:
Esther Loh

Incoming Head Online Editor:
Lorenzo Martinez

LL.M. Editors:
Aditya Gogna
Anirudh Lekhi
Aparna Pujar
Brenda Efurhievwe
Bruno Acevedo
Joaquín Garino Podestá
Stefano Castoldi
Vanessa Tsang
Wilson Wang
J.D. Editors:
Ira Rosenberg
Nika Bederman
Wendy Wu
Woohyung Choe